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Hi-Lite uses RejuvaSeal®, manufactured by PRI, to preserve airfield asphalt. The world’s leading asphalt rejuvenator, this revolutionary product, made from coal tar, aromatic oils and specialty solvents, revitalizes, seals and protects asphalt pavement. It's scientifically designed to ‘reverse’ the aging process of asphalt pavement extending its life-cycle. RejuvaSeal is FAA Item P-632 and Engineering Brief 44B approved.

RejuvaSeal works by penetrating pavement surfaces and restoring the chemical imbalances found in aging asphalt. This process dramatically reduces viscosity and brittleness while increasing ductility and flexibility, making the asphalt less prone to cracking and deterioration.

Unlike old fashioned seal coats, a single application of RejuvaSeal penetrates the pavement to rejuvenate and protect the asphalt by replacing the tars and bitumens lost due to oxidation well below the surface. It also seals and protects the pavement against water, sunlight and chemical contaminants, dramatically improving the durability, lifespan and curb appeal of the asphalt. 

Proper maintenance is the key to protecting asphalt from the external factors that wear it out. RejuvaSeal, applied every three to five years by Hi-Lite, a certified applicator, has been proven to extend the life of airfield asphalt pavement while significantly reducing life-cycle costs.

Spending $1.00 on pavement preservation, before the asphalt starts to deteriorate, eliminates or postpones spending 6 to 10 times or more on time-consuming and expensive repairs or reconstruction costs. RejuvaSeal rejuvenates, revitalizes and protects asphalt pavement, extending its life-cycle and maximizing the considerable capital investment made in asphalt assets.

The benefits of RejuvaSeal include;

      • will not chip, peel or delaminate
      • seals the pavement against contaminants
      • repairs and protects the asphalt
      • heals minor surface damage including raveling
      • extends the life of asphalt
      • enhances curb appeal
      • expands and contracts at the same rate as asphalt
      • no sand or water needed
      • one step application
      • applied every 3-5 years
      • no build up of material
      • ages uniformly 


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