Airfield Markings. Their purpose is safely guide pilots as they take-off, land, and taxi around the airfield. As one of the leading airfield maintenance contractors in the world, Hi-Lite Airfield Services knows that crisp, clean, highly visible airfield markings are imperative to achieving the incredibly high levels of safety airports strive for today.

Reducing the number of runway incidents and excursions is one of the aviation industry's top priorities. In order to achieve this priority, Hi-Lite markings feature...

      • high quality, durable paint
      • high performance airport glass beads 

      • the safest levels of retro-reflectivity

      • the utmost visibility available in the industry today

Carbonized rubber deposits on airport runways cause a dangerous loss of friction making the touchdown zone slippery and hazardous, endangering the lives of pilots, passengers and the ground crew.

Hi-Lite’s modern, specialized equipment and dedicated, well trained staff make Hi-Lite the premier airfield rubber removal service in the business. Hi-Lite offers...

  • the highest production rate per hour
  • an impeccable safety record

  • environmentally sound practices
  • dependable service

  • top quality work

Hi-Lite has perfected the art of responsible runway rubber removal from airport runways and taxiways enhancing the safety of airfields around the world. Hi-Lite has dedicated itself to developing a variety of ways of performing high quality rubber removal including the R4 process, waterblasting and the chemical process.

Up to 80% of all coatings failures at airfields around the world can be directly attributed to inadequate surface preparation, which affects coating adhesion. The result is markings that become unsafe, aged, faded, brittle, cracked, worn and worst of all, hard for pilots to see.

The professionals at Hi-Lite Airfield Services know that proper surface preparation is the most important thing you can do to assure the quality of your paint job and the safety of your airfield.

When pavements deteriorate to fair or poor condition they require rehabilitation to repair structural damage and restore pavement conditions—a costly, time-consuming activity. Hi-Lite specializes in creating Pavement Maintenance and Preservation Programs that can drastically...

    • reduce down time
    • lower expenses
    • postpone rehabilitation
    • delay reconstruction

Airplanes depend on friction between runway and tires to be able to safely land the aircraft. 
Over time, the skid-resistance of runway pavement deteriorates due to weathering, usage, aging and contaminants.

Hi-Lite Airfield Services, LLC is the leading airport pavement markings, runway rubber removal and airfield maintenance contractor in the United States. We've got the experience, the knowledge and the best airport runway technicians in the business. Hi-Lite is strategically positioned to offer consulting services to airports.

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