Love Field International Airport

Love Field International Airport - Sourcewell
The Dallas Airport System has used the Sourcewell Awarded Contract as a mechanism to implement Hi-Lite's flagship AMS program at the Love Field Airport. The contract with the Dallas Airport System includes maintenance for Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL), Dallas Executive Airport (RBD) and the Dallas CBD Vertiport (49T). Sourcewell has allowed both organizations to pioneer a long-term airfield maintenance model based on preventive and even predictive measures to increase safety and minimize risks. With this new maintenance model, Love Field has been able to efficiently reallocate in-house maintenance resources and attain zero discrepancies on the FAA Part 139 annual inspections. The services under the contract consist of airfield markings, friction testing and continuous airfield assessments. 

The contract is founded on Hi-Lite's long-term maintenance model, powered by metrics offered by Spec-Rite®, to support maintenance activities with data. Spec-Rite® is the only patent-pending interactive software platform designed to specifically manage airfield maintenance and offer predictive solutions. The driving force to Spec-Rite® is the Airfield Digitization Engine. The engine is a proprietary technology used to develop complete inventory digitization and quantification process customized to the airfield.

The Spec-Rite® software has been instrumental in providing Love Field with a maintenance plan backed with documentation and data. The result is extensive data used to pinpoint critical needs, develop work plans and prioritize maintenance activities. All the work orders are executed by Hi-Lite's local Texas crews. Love Field and Hi-Lite have established a long-term relationship. Since the contract was put in place, Hi-Lite has inaugurated a new office and warehouse in Dallas, Texas that serves as an operations hub with personnel, materials, and equipment ready to satisfy the needs of the airport.