SYR, Hi-Lite's Home Airport

SYR, Hi-Lite's Home Airport
Hancock International Airport (SYR) at Syracuse, New York is Hi-Lite's home airport and the airport Hi-Lite crews and personnel use to most to travel the world. "Over the years, we have forged a long-lasting relationship with the Syracuse Regional Airport Authority" mentioned Rhonda McNeely, VP of Sales & Marketing who has facilitated all of Hi-Lite's contracts at the airport since Hi-Lite started offering airport maintenance services.

From small jobs to main runway projects, Hi-Lite considers SYR its valuable partner and attends any needs the airport has. "When SYR calls, Hi-Lite delivers" mentioned Calvin McNeely, Executive Vice-President of the Hi-Lite Group of companies. Indeed, SYR airport and the destination options it offers has impacted Hi-Lite's global expansion in the last decade. "As a company located in Northern New York, we consider SYR our connection to the world", mentioned Kevin Parker, International Project Manager who travels to places as far as Doha, Qatar and Dubai, U.A.E. by connecting flights from SYR to JFK and then to DOH or DXB. For Bub McNeely, VP of Project Management, who manages Hi-Lite's largest contract to date at Atlanta, the world's busiest airport, SYR offers a direct connection to ATL.

Brian Lawton, Project Coordinator from the headquarters office in Adams Center oversees all projects at SYR. In a recent gate project, Lawton put together a local crew of Airfield Maintenance Specialists and executed a gate project at the airport. "We want to let SYR know we are here to help whenever they need us", said Lawton on the last project he managed.

As Hi-Lite understands the impact airports have on rural communities it is committed to supporting SYR as a quality provider of airfield safety maintenance services. Hi-Lite considers SYR its true valuable partner and looks forward to maintaining the strong relationships they have built over the years.