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Pensacola, Markings Cleaning Through Florida DOT Statewide Contract

Pensacola, Markings Cleaning Through Florida DOT Statewide Contract
Hi-Lite removed nearly 3 million SF of mildew from two runways at Pensacola International Airport (PNS), restoring reflectivity readings to well over 600 mcd for markings that were four years old.

The cleaning of airfield markings through waterblasting or chemical processes is revolutionizing the industry. Mildew, rubber, and other contaminants such as oil and dirt can cover markings making them a hazard for safe airfield operations. Airports experiencing situations like these have the risk of danger and loss of pilot situational awareness. Cleaning markings instead of painting has several benefits. For once, reflectivity is enhanced, the risk of paint build up and FOD is eliminated, and the substrate underneath the markings is protected from aggressive paint removal methodologies. More airports are taking advantage of the multiple cleaning systems available to restore markings back to life.

In the case of Pensacola Regional Airport, markings of approximately four years old were re-vitalized under the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Contract for Runway and Taxiway Markings in 2012. Hi-Lite's experts point out: "A lot of times, we can just come in and do the pressure washing and it restores the reflectivity, the brightness, of the markings and you don't even have to paint, and why paint when you can clean and save airports money and downtime." With the constant reductions in airfield maintenance budgets, airports have to be creative today more than ever in how they perform their routine maintenance activities while still remaining in compliance with Local, State, Federal, and International regulations. Dunn explains that cleaning markings save airports significant dollars without sacrificing safety and aesthetics.

In addition to cleaning markings, Hi-Lite has had a long history of working at Pensacola International Airport. Some of the mobilizations were due in part to the FDOT contract. The FDOT contract is a unique contracting method in which the unit pricing for painting, paint removal, rubber removal and other maintenance services at airports is pre-established by the State from a single qualified contractor who is able to win the bid based on price and quality standards. The program has been a success in the State of Florida benefiting around 130 airports by offering fixed unit pricing and avoiding them from time consuming bidding processes. Dan Flynn, Assistant Director of Operations from PNS adds: "We used Hi-Lite Markings, for two years, for rubber removal and airfield painting services. They did a wonderful job."