In order to preserve pavement in good condition and take an environmentally conscious approach, Hato International Airport in Willemstead Curaçao rejuvenated one half of the runway in 2013. A crew of Hi-Lite pavement technicians mobilized to the island of Curacao to conduct the rejuvenation procedures with RejuvaSeal® premier asphalt rejuvenator.

Runway 11-29 of Hato International Airport was experiencing cracking, oxidation, and staring to loose fines. Oxidation leads to the loss of bitumen. An inspection of the surface was performed to determine the areas that had to be replaced.

The entire area was cleaned of all loose dirt, stones and debris by power blowing. Application in perimeter areas was conducted using a roller or a shielded spray apparatus to ensure that RejuvaSeal is contained within asphalt areas. The main body of asphalt was coated by a state of the art distributor cart capable of controlling the coverage rate down to 1/100th of a gallon per square yard. (The average coverage rate is .05 gal./SY). The area to be treated was divided in 6 sections and each alternate section was rejuvenated every night. By doing this, the treated area remained closed for a minimum of 7 hours and was opened by the contractor or authorized personnel only. Opening the runway after 7 hours was possible because only small sections of 283 meters in length were treated every night leaving 90% of the runway in acceptable landing conditions. If the entire runway was to be rejuvenated at once, then the runway should be opened after 24 hours.

Just like Curaçao, you can too save dollars by taking an environmentally conscious approach to runway maintenance. Asphalt that's in good structural condition does not have to be repaved, you can simply apply techniques that will extend the life-cycle just as slurry seal or in this case, asphalt rejuvenation. Determining what would work best for your asphalt requires a throughout inspection. To inquiry about inspections in the USA or aborad please contact us and we will work with you and help you find solutions to your issues. The next time you are considering repaving, think about asphalt rejuvenation, it is not only an environmentally conscious approach but will save you dollars in your maintenance and new construction budgets.