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Put your airfield on autopilot.

SPEC-RITE PROTM is the only patent pending software platform designed to specifically manage airfield markings. Developed by the industry’s leading airfield maintenance contractor in partnership with a top U.S. engineering university, Hi-Lite’s patent pending SPEC-RITE PROTM software and airfield assessment data collection system allows you to define acceptable boundaries for retroreflectivity, monitor marking conditions, create work orders and predict future maintenance all without leaving your desk.


Assessment Software Implementation
Airfield Data Collection Data Analysis Long-Term Contracts

• Proprietary data collection tools
• Complete airfield marking imagery, video and spot photos
• Retroreflectivity Data
• Proprietary algorithms translate information into actionable insight and predictive information

• Plan maintenance efficiently
• Access information
• Generate reports on-demand
• Define In-house/Outsourcing Maintenance Strategy
• Issue work orders for maintenance & remediation

• Utilization of internal resources or Hi-Lite contracted expertise.
• Resources focused on critical areas of need
• Pro-active planning for ongoing safety, compliance and budget management

Software features

• Capture and manage critical data for all airfield markings
• Supported by proprietary Hi-Lite Spot Photo iOS App
• GPS based marking locations and data points
• Generate and manage work orders
• Quantify marking projects and budgets
• Predictive Deterioration Modeling
• Multiple data layers
• Data Archiving and work history
• Automated reporting
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