Hi-Lite Airfield Services features R4™, Responsible Runway Rubber Removal

Hi-Lite Airfield Services sets the worldwide standard for rubber removal. Hi-Lite has removed more rubber than any other contractor at some of the busiest international airports, including JFK, Newark, San Francisco, Vancouver, Montreal, and Dallas. Based on decades of experience Hi-Lite has developed the best practice rubber removal method known as R4™.

R4 is more cost effective, faster, and safer while delivering better friction results than any other stand-alone waterblasting and chemical runway rubber removal process.

Download the R4 Responsible Runway Rubber Removal Datasheet>

The R4 process has been proven superior over any other rubber removal method, while maintaining the integrity of the pavement. This innovative process leaves the surface clean (including light fixtures) without removal of markings or joints. The entire process is very fast and environmentally sound. It meets or exceeds the strictest government regulations.


One advantage of the Hi-Lite Airfield Services R4 process includes the use of Aero-Green Runway Rubber Remover. Aero-Green is a very powerful, cutting edge cleaning product that is:
  • is water-based, non-toxic, eco-friendly, non-combustible
  • safer for your runway, equipment and personnel than any other chemical on the market
  • is safe for direct contact with aircraft, equipment, lighting and landscaping
  • is compatible with water, oil separators and wastewater treatment systems
  • is certified to meet environmental safety standards set by Boeing, McDonnell-Douglas, EPA, FAA, ICAO and the United States Military
  • residue free and will not reconstitute with rain, which could pose a danger to landing aircraft, runway equipment, runway lighting systems and airport personnel
Pretreating with Aero-Green followed by waterblasting means…
  • decreased pressure required by the waterblaster to eradicate the rubber
  • less chemical is used per square foot because of the waterblaster’s assistance.
  • there is no aircraft damaging FOD to remove.
  • runways can reopen almost immediately in the event of an emergency.
  • less runway downtime due to faster rubber removal.
  • micro and macro texture are improved allowing for better friction on the runway.
R4™ is more cost effective, faster, safer and delivers better friction results than any other stand-alone waterblasting or chemical runway rubber removal process.

Be responsible. Put Safety First with R4™.
Modern methods, specialized equipment, and dedicated, well-trained technicians with years of experience make Hi-Lite Airfield Services the industry’s premier airfield rubber removal contractor. Hi-Lite has used the R4™ process to successfully remove more than 70,000,000 square feet of rubber on runways all around the world. Using R4™, Hi-Lite can completely remove the rubber from your runways - quickly, safely and at a competitive price - GUARANTEED.

How do I get more information or schedule an R4™ Combo Method service or demo?

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