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Are you a Florida airport? Are you familiar with the Florida Statewide Striping Contract? Here is a list of questions and answers you may have.

Question: What is the Florida Statewide Contract?

Answer: The Florida Statewide Contract was designed to provide airports in the Florida area with a state contract for painting services to include; Runway, Taxiway and Apron areas.  The construction services to be provided by Hi-Lite Markings, Inc consist of 1.) The preparation of the surface prior to painting to include removal of existing paint, dirt, laitance and loose materials 2.) The painting of numbers, markings, and stripes on the surface of the runways, taxiway and aprons, with all work to be conducted in accordance with the FAA Advisory Circular AC No.: 150/5370-10E, and the locations directed by the Airport Manager, Engineer or designee.

Who is Hi-Lite Markings, Inc?

Answer: Throughout the world, Hi-Lite provides efficient, high quality work that meets time sensitive airfield pavement maintenance schedules. Utilizing modern, specialized equipment and a dedicated team of highly-trained technicians, Hi-Lite offers competitive pricing for unsurpassed performance while keeping your airfield in total compliance with FAA and ICAO guidelines.

Does the Florida Statewide contract only pertain to painting?

Answer: No, this agreement allows Hi-Lite to perform all types of services.

Airport Markings

-Runway /Taxiway Painting (Type III Bead)

-Temporary Displaced Threshold

-Ramps, Aprons, and Gates, Surface Painted Signs

Rubber Removal


-Shot Blasting                     


Surface Preparation

-Proper Surface Preparation

-Paint Removal

-Mildew Removal

Question: How does this benefit Florida airports?

Answer: Hi-Lite prides its self on being the industry leader in the runway markings industry.   We have worked diligently internally to hire the most skilled talent while investing in the most modern equipment.  This ensures that our work is of the utmost precision and quality, while minimizing the down time an Airport experiences during each phase.  Airports are also guaranteed to receive professional consultation from Hi-Lite’s experienced dedicated professionals who have worked directly with multiple other airports across the world to provide intuitive solutions to their most complex dilemmas.  We know that safety is number one priority for every airport.  Hi-Lite is committed to addressing this main concern by utilizing Type III beads and providing the brightest most precise marking in the industry!  Last, your turn around time from quote to project completion is minimized because the bid process has essentially been verified when the Statewide Contract was awarded and   Hi-Lite currently has equipment and crews located in the Florida area.

Question: How do I utilize the contract?

Answer: Hi-Lite can offer personalized quotes prepared by the most knowledgeable estimating team.

Question: What other services does Hi-Lite offer?

Answer: Hi-Lite can also provide airports with Pavement Maintenance, Curing Compound Removal, Crack Treatments (Filling and Sealing), Joint Sealing, Pavement Preservation, Rejuvaseal®, Texturizing, Friction Testing and Airfield Consulting/Assessments.  For a complete description of services offered visit us at www.Hi-Lite.com .

Who should I contact if I want more information on the Florida Statewide Contract, or Hi-Lite's services?

Brad Dunn
SE Sales Consultant
Cell (352) 601-8709
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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