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Hi-Lite Markings, the leading airport markings and airfield maintenance contractor in North America, has officially changed their company name to Hi-Lite Airfield Services, LLC.

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Hi-Lite Complete New Orleans Lakefront Project In Time for Super Bowl XLVII.

When the team from Hi-Lite Markings, Inc started their work at the New Orleans Lakefront Airport they knew that time was of the essence. Why? The project had to be completed prior to the 2013 Super Bowl as approximately 600 transient aircraft were expected for the event. Factor in Mardi Gras right around the same time and you've got a very busy airport.

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Algae, Mold and Mildew, If Not Removed, Can Lead to More Problems!

If your airfield is in a humid, hot climate, you have probably noticed dark spots or black streaks occupying areas of your concrete and asphalt. You are not alone and Hi-Lite Markings, Inc, the global leading airfield markings and maintenance contractor, has a resolution to this problem!

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Changes to FAA Markings and Sign Standards
Are your Airfield Markings Correct? Look Again....

Recent changes to the FAA Markings and Sign Standards could affect your airfield.  Airports should conduct an evaluation of their airfield and/or call in a professional aviation consultant to assist in assessing and managing markings and signs.   Here are a list of the recent modifications the FAA has published in AC 150/5340-1K and 150/5340-18F. Download the FAA Marking and Sign Update PDF here.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make your changes today!

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fac_logoFlorida Statewide… Enhance Your Airport Safety!  Become Familiar, Know the Benefits, Get Started!

Are you a Florida airport? Are you familiar with the Florida Statewide Striping Contract? Here is a list of questions and answers you may have.

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Screen_shot_2011-02-21_at_4.06.56_PMHi-Lite Markings, Inc, the leading airport runway and taxiway marking contractor in the United States, recently introduced a subtle change to their logo that signifies the end of an era, and the next chapter in the company’s illustrious history.

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Hi-Lite Markings, Inc, Inc assisted in a much needed statewide crack repair and pavement marking project on June 21, 2010 for eleven of Commonwealth's privately-owned/public-use airports. As a result, Hi-Lite was featured in the recent MassDOT Aeroatics Division newsletter, 'One the Approach'. >Download the newsletter here to learn more about thje project.

In recent weeks we have received questions in regards to industry wide traffic paint shortages that many airport markings contractors have been receiving. This statement is to provide you with a brief overview of the challenge at hand and Hi-Lite’s commitment to our current and future customers.

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United States Commercial Services Department of the U.S. Embassy in Guatemala, to showcase work performed in a partnership between Hi-Lite Global, Adams Center, NY and Pavimentos de Guatemala (Padegua) Guatemala City, Guatemala.

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Hi-Lite Markings, Inc, the leading airport runway and taxiway marking contractor in the United States, recently launched a brand new, totally redesigned version of their website,

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Hi-Lite Markings, Inc is the first certified applicator in the U.S. of a cutting edge development in pavement markings. AirMark Preformed Thermoplastic, developed by Flint Trading Incorporated, set a new standard for airfield surface signage and delineation markings.

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Pilot Thom Richard Makes Air Racing History in Reno, Nevado with Team NAC

Team NACClearwater, FL (September 29, 2009) – Neubert Aero Corp’s(NAC) Formula One Air Racing Team using racing aircraft “Invictus” (Latin for “unconquered”) took first place in the Gold race at the 46th National Championship Air Races in Reno, Nevada on September 20, 2009. Team NAC expected the high-performance race plane to be a top contender in the multi-lap, multi-aircraft race. After Invictus won first place in both racing heats and the Race for the Gold, it was apparent that she was ready to be number one. All she needed was a pilot who could handle her power.

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Stimulus-Funded Initiative Will Enhance Traffic Mobility, Increase Security

New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) Acting Commissioner Stanley Gee was in the Thousand Islands today to mark the beginning of a $1.3 million highway project to improve traffic mobility and security at the Customs and Border Protection Station on Interstate 81 on Wellesley Island, Jefferson County. The project is funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA).

“This project will have a major impact on efficiency and security at the border crossing by allowing motorists to pass through more easily while providing Customs and Border Protection personnel the ability to sort commercial truck traffic prior to their entering the Customs plaza,” cting Commissioner Gee said. “I thank Governor Paterson for his dedication to quickly certifying shovel-ready projects such as this for economic-recovery funding.”


Agencies Combine Efforts to Enhance Safety for Motorists and Workers

The New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT), New York State Police (NYSP) and Associated General Contractors (AGC) joined today to deliver their annual message on the importance of worker and motorist safety in construction and maintenance work zones.

“Work zones are busy places with a variety of trades and equipment all working in unison to improve our transportation infrastructure,” said NYSDOT Regional Director R. Carey Babyak. “In doing this work, workers face the possibility of being killed or injured inside the work zone due to driver error or inattentiveness. Those who work to improve our roads and bridges should be afforded to the opportunity to do so in a safe work zone.”


Shorter runways - only 7,000 feet at LaGuardia - require more sustained braking during landings, which leaves more rubber on the runway surfaces. Regular removal of rubber deposits is vital to preserve proper braking performance and directional control for aircraft using the runways.

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Hi-Lite Markings, Inc Inc. removed the paint and repainted the central 10-28 runway at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

displace_thumb2O’Hare is undergoing a $6.6 billion modernization project, including reconfiguring the runways to limit intersections. Walsh Construction in Chicago is responsible for the two-year, $140 million contract for the new runway configuration.

Adams Center, N.Y.-based Hi-Lite Markings, Inc Inc. removed the paint and repainted the central 10-28 runway at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. The job, which shortened the runway by 4,000 feet, was done in one night shift.

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