temp-displaced-thresholdsDisplacing or relocating runway thresholds requires removing the existing markings and repainting them in the new location. Since it's necessary when removing and remarking runway thresholds to shut down the entire runway, it’s imperative to get the job done as quickly as possible. At Hi-Lite we know that runway closings disrupt operations so we adjust our work schedules to meet your needs.

Displaced thresholds are located at a point on a runway other than the designated beginning of the runway. Displacement of the threshold reduces the length of runway available for landings. The portion of runway behind a displaced threshold is available for takeoffs in both directions and landings from the opposite direction. The most common reason to do a displaced threshold is to give arriving aircraft clearance over an obstruction while still allowing departing aircraft the maximum amount of runway available.

A displaced threshold may also be used if the touchdown zone of the runway is no longer able to sustain the impact from landing aircraft. In such a case, aircraft are expected to land beyond the displaced threshold. Departing aircraft are permitted to use the displaced section of the runway for takeoffs or landing rollouts because those aircraft are not impacting the runway with the force of a landing aircraft.