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On September 30, 2009, in AC 150/5370-10E, revisions to P620 approved preformed thermoplastic as a surface marking for airfields.

Hi-Lite Airfield Services is the first certified applicator in the U.S. of a cutting edge development in pavement markings, AirMark Preformed Thermoplastic, developed by Flint Trading Incorporated. Compared to traditional application methods and materials for airfield surface signs, AirMark Preformed Thermoplastic pre-cut and pre-colored surface signs &...
  • feature FAA compliant marking designs and colors
  • cleaner, crisper appearance
  • form a stronger bond to the substrate
  • more resistant to corrosive materials and UV rays
  • better retain their retroreflectivity and skid resistance
  • more durable with a much longer life-cycle
  • handle traffic 15 minutes after application
  • remove easily with waterblasting
  • achieve maximum value and optimal performance
AirMark_application Previously on June 6, 2008, the FAA issued Change 2 to AC 150/5340-IJ which clarifies the requirement for enhanced taxiway center markings and surface painted holding position markings at Part 139 airports. Companies such as Hi-Lite Airfield Services, responsible for the installation and maintenance of pavement markings, must find balance among safety, value, and product performance to satisfy the FAA's new requirements and concerns. The key concerns addressed with the use of preformed thermoplastic include:
  • runway closures due to frequency of repainting
  • costly mobilization
  • life-cycle costs
  • safety management
  • durability
  • workmanship and quality control
Hi-Lite Airfield Services has partnered with Flint Trading because of the incredible advantages and cost savings available to their clients by using AirMark Preformed Thermoplastic airport pavement markings for their surface signs. Both companies are leaders in the airfield marking industry. By working together, they offer their clients a state of the art option combined with a high level of service, that others in the business can only strive for. The speed and skill in which Hi-Lite’s expert technicians apply the product, and Flint Trading’s superior production of the materials, results in minimized downtime, reduced maintenance requirements, and significant savings for their clients.

For more information on AirMark Preformed Thermoplastic, visit AirMark by Flint.