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Introducing Airfield Maintenance Services (AMS)

Industry Concerns

Airports Council International (ACI) predicts that passenger traffic will double to 14 billion by 2029*. As a result, airports will work at or above capacity resulting in many critical challenges in the AOA. Primarily, airports need to address iss ues surrounding visual aids and pavement maintenance to prepare airfields today for a safer tomorrow.

*ACI 2016 World Airport Traffic Forecasts

Does your airport have these concerns? 

  • Discrepancies on FAA Part 139 Inspections
  • Unqualified Contractors
  • Poor Airfield Markings
  • Pavement Degradation

The Solution: Hi-Lite On Your Team

With increasing passenger and aircraft demand, it is important now, more than ever to put in place efficient, environmentally conscious technologies and procedures to optimize capacity and minimize safety risks.

Airfields are complex environments requiring specialized solution providers. Your airport needs Hi-Lite on its team to navigate through these issues. The advantages of having Hi-Lite on your team include;

  • Compliance & Safety
  • Experienced personnel, the best equipment and quality results
  • On-going airfield assessments
  • Ability to timely complete work within short operational windows
  • Best Practices/Asset management
  • Long-term Partner

The AMS program serves as a platform to consolidate all airfield maintenance services into a comprehensive plan for your airport. Implementing one of the AMS programs means stepping beyond conventional means to partner with the best provider to eliminate risks.

Performance Based Maintenance Contract

AMS (Airfield Maintenance Services) is a long-term maintenance contract with pre-established unit prices. Under AMS, work is executed according to agreed upon work orders. The AMS system offers industry experience, proprietary technology and proven practices to reduce risks and enhance airfield safety.

Shifting the Risk Paradigm

AMS+ (Airfield Maintenance Services Plus) is a long-term maintenance contract, in which airports shift the responsibility of airfield management completely to Hi-Lite. Work orders are executed according to data and analysis by SIAMA. SIAMA (Safety Indicator for Airfield Maintenance Activities) is Hi-Lite's proprietary software to analyze the functionality and performance of airfield maintenance activities.

Download the AMS guide and explore options to implement AMS at your airport.


Hi-Lite's AMS Program

'Compliance. Simplified.'


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